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Support from the German Cooperation GIZ donating a drone to monitor banana diseases, a team operated by three sons of partner producers: Noe, Rodrigo and Sebastian


Our organization has a project for the elaboration of BIOFERMENTOS, a bioproduct that through diverse fermentation and preparation processes inoculates the soils of our farms with beneficial microorganisms from the mountains and fermented pastures to restore the health of the soil, reducing the amount of fertilizers and potentiating its fertility.


We participate in trainings and workshops on productive, environmental, organizational, safety and occupational health topics, etc. As part of the Ecuadorian Fair Trade Coordinator, we belong to the CLAC, which together plan workshops and actions to strengthen organizations on issues of gender equity, FairTrade standards, standards consultation, among others.

School Projects

School gardens have been implemented in schools located in nearby communities, where children learn to grow vegetables; to replicate in their homes with their families. In addition, improvements have been made to the infrastructure of some schools and computer and audiovisual equipment has been implemented.

Reduced Water Consumption

Alternatives were developed to minimize the water footprint in the banana packing process by implementing pressurized nozzle systems that reduce water use and improve fruit washing, thus optimizing this resource in one of the banana processes. Currently 95% of the farms have this system and it is complemented by reducing the depth of the tubs to an acceptable minimum.

Banana derivatives

Banana derivatives are currently being manufactured, such as juice, nectar, jam, beer, and wine. This is an enterprise that was born with the purpose of creating sources of work for Ecuadorian families and taking advantage of the banana as a raw material for the creation of products with high quality standards.

Work Environment

Fincas de El Oro is committed to its employees, creating an atmosphere of companionship and labor rights with all of them.